The MPCo. Podcast

A show for all things ethical and sustainable streetwear. Founders, Avery Antonio and Mayra Moran, feature guests across a range of industries while exploring responsible consumption and creation in fashion and everything that comes with it.




From getting kicked out of art school and growing up poor selling hand-designed skateboard decks for lunch money to designing for notable artists and de-denitrifying cities through an upscaled tiny house project — Moja Robinson is a true renaissance man.


You’ve already lost your competitive advantage if you are not giving. We focus so much on our own endeavors and agendas that we forget to look inward into our contribution to the world.

This episode, we uncover how giving and generosity improve all aspects of life including performance at work, healthy relationships, and even the fight for garment labor rights.

We dive into who contributes to fast fashion and who we need most to solve issues around mass garment consumption.


Why do some garments cost much more than others? The supply chain of apparel is often overlooked, we bring it to light and uncover the true value of our clothes.

We’ll discuss what it really takes to get your dreams off the ground and when to accept failure. Juggling the grind, relationships, and everything in between.

This episode is packed with both life and business lessons applicable in and out of the fashion industry.


For pilot episode of the MPCo. Podcast, co-hosts Avery Antonio and Mayra Moran analyze Complexcon from a conscious-consumer perspective.

Ever heard of shirts made from seaweed? Neither have we. We talk which designers and brands are disrupting streetwear culture through responsible fashion. Society is making progress, but we have a hell of a long way to go.