By checking the “I Agree” box on the application form, you agree to the Most Prominent Co. MAKE IT LAST Program Terms of Service Agreement. The date on which you check off the “I Agree” box is the Commencement Date of this Agreement.


Sending a garment or garments does not guarantee we will repurpose it. By sending Most Prominent Co. a garment or garments, you give Most Prominent Co. the rights to the garment or garments and therefore Most Prominent Co. can do anything with the garment or garments.


2.1 After sending a garment or garments to Most Prominent Co., Most Prominent Co. will hold all rights to the garment or garments. The garment or garments shall at all times remain Most Prominent Co.’s property until sale and you shall have no right, title, or interest to the garments.

2.2 Most Prominent Co. has all rights to the garment or garments you send and has the right to send garments to other organizations and nonprofit partners.

2.3 Most Prominent Co. is not responsible for the risk of loss, theft, damage or destruction of the garment during delivery or transportation.

2.4 A garment is referred to any clothing item worn to cover the body.


3.1 The person sending a garment or garments to Most Prominent Co. is not entitled to any sales or earnings and will not receive any funding or monetary compensation received by Most Prominent Co. from selling the garment or garments.

3.2 Most Prominent Co. holds all rights to any sales received from selling a garment or garments.

3.3 This includes Most Prominent Co. sending a percentage of sales received from selling your sent garment or garments.