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Clean Clothes Campaign

The garment industry's largest alliance of labor unions and non-governmental organizations. The civil society campaign focuses on the improvement of working conditions in the garment and sportswear industries.

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Garment Worker Center

A worker rights organization with the mission to organize low-wage garment workers in Los Angeles in the fight for social and economic justice. GWC addresses the systemic problems of wage theft, unhealthy and unsafe working conditions, and the abusive and inhumane treatment faced by workers on-the-job.


A non-profit that provides convenient pickup and textiles recycling for businesses in New York City. They rethink textile waste and engage with the local creative community in the reuse of textiles.



An environmental, for-profit, B corporation with a social mission. They believe there are more clothes than people who need clothes. Helpsy gets clothes to those who need them, while also keeping clothes out of the trash.


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