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Items must not be damaged. We do not accept fabric scraps. See the FAQ below for what is acceptable.
If we repurpose your item, a percentage of the total sale will be donated to the organization of your choosing.
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By checking the “I Agree” box below, you agree to terms of the Most Prominent Co. MAKE IT LAST Program Terms of Service Agreement. The date on which you check off the “I Agree” box is the Commencement Date of this Agreement.



Is it free to send my clothes?

Absolutely.  After filling out the application form and are eligible, we will send you a physical and digital prepaid shipping label free of charge to use to send your package.

How do I send my clothes?

Gather the garments you want to send. Put up to 10 garments in any general shipping mailer or box. Secure the package.

Attach the prepaid shipping label we sent via mail or print out the PDF copy to the outside of your package. Give the package to any shipping carrier -- USPS, UPS, FEDEX, etc.

Can I send any type of clothes?

We accept all styles and colors of garments except for infant and toddler items, used socks, and used undergarments.

Garments should be clean before you send them. They should not have excessive rips or holes that were not intentionally there. Normal wear and tear is fine.

Let’s put it this way, if you would not wear it in public as is, we probably would not accept it either.

I live outside of the U.S. and Canada, can I still participate?

At the moment, we do not accept Make It Last submissions from outside of the United States and Canada. However we are working to open the program globally in the foreseeable future.

Can I send blankets, towels, or fabric scraps?

No. We do not accept any of these items, clothing only.

How many clothes can I send?

We can accept a maximum of 10 garments per package/submission. However you can send multiple packages (one per approved submission) if you submit multiple applications.

Will I get a portion of the sale?

No. Garments you donate become property of Most Prominent Co. and therefore if sold, you are not entitled to any portion of the sale.

15-25% of every sale from the MAKE IT LAST Program gets donated directly to the organization that you chose on your application. See the Terms of Service below for full details.

Will you repurpose all my clothes?

Due to our current labor resources, we may not be able to repurpose all or any eligible garments you send.

Don’t fret! We send garments we do not repurpose to Helpsy, a for-profit B-Corp that provides clothing collection containers to businesses and gives clothes to those in need.

How do you repurpose clothes?

All MAKE IT LAST garments are repurposed in-house or in collaboration with other designers. Repurposing garments can be as simple as screenprinted designs and patch work or as complex as restructuring the entire piece through cutting and sewing.

How long does it take to repurpose my donated clothes?

After we receive your package and sort through the eligible garments, it can take anywhere from 5-10 days to repurpose and have on the website.

Can I purchase clothes that I donated?

You sure can. Garments you donate become property of Most Prominent Co. and therefore when on the website, can be purchased as any normal product.

What happens if clothes I donate do not sell?

We will keep repurposed garments on our online store indefinitely until it gets sold unless otherwise notified.

How will I know when the organization of my choice has been donated to?

We will notify you via email if we repurpose the garment(s) you donate and if it has sold.




By checking the “I Agree” box above, you agree to the Most Prominent Co. MAKE IT LAST Program Terms of Service Agreement. The date on which you check off the “I Agree” box is the Commencement Date of this Agreement.


Sending a garment or garments does not guarantee we will repurpose it. By sending Most Prominent Co. a garment or garments, you give Most Prominent Co. the rights to the garment or garments and therefore Most Prominent Co. can do anything with the garment or garments.


2.1 After sending a garment or garments to Most Prominent Co., Most Prominent Co. will hold all rights to the garment or garments. The garment or garments shall at all times remain Most Prominent Co.’s property until sale and you shall have no right, title, or interest to the garments.

2.2 Most Prominent Co. has all rights to the garment or garments you send and has the right to send garments to other organizations and nonprofit partners.

2.3 Most Prominent Co. is not responsible for the risk of loss, theft, damage or destruction of the garment during delivery or transportation.

2.4 A garment is referred to any clothing item worn to cover the body.


3.1 The person sending a garment or garments to Most Prominent Co. is not entitled to any sales or earnings and will not receive any funding or monetary compensation received by Most Prominent Co. from selling the garment or garments.

3.2 Most Prominent Co. holds all rights to any sales received from selling a garment or garments.

3.3 This includes Most Prominent Co. sending a percentage of sales received from selling your sent garment or garments.