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We buy more than we use. The Make It Last Program uses a Circle Economy approach where we turn your unwanted clothes into good use.

85% of clothes wind up in the trash.

Template: The idea of it has never occurred to us, simply because of its supererogation.

We saw no need of the impulse — for the propensity. We could not perceive its necessity. We could not understand, that is to say, we could not have understood, had the notion of this primum mobile ever obtruded itself; — we could not have understood in what manner it might be made to further the objects of humanity, either temporal or eternal.


How It Works

You send us clothes.

Use this form to send us.

We repurpose what we can.

And sell it.

Someone purchases from the site.

The non-profit of your choice will be displayed on the site next to the item.

The on-profit of your choice, benefits..

Choose form a list of

What your support helps fund


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I send my clothes?

When you fill out this form, we’ll send you a packing slip for you to print and tape on the outside of your package.

How many clothes can I send?

For now we can only accept 1-3 garments at a time.

Will you repurpose all my clothes?

We cannot guarantee that we will repurpose everything you send. We will go through and vet each piece you send.

If we cannot repurpose an item, we will send the item to our upcycling partner who will turn your ____ into fabric scraps for someone to

What happens if my repurposed garment has been on the store but hasn’t been sold?

We will keep your repurposed garment on the site until it gets sold unless otherwise notified.

Will I get a portion of the sale?

No. Proceeds go directly to the non-profit and back. You will fill out a terms and conditions form outlinging.