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Helpsy is the Largest Clothing Collector in the Northeast and Our Latest Donation Partner

For many of us, clothing donation containers seen in parking lots and around our neighborhoods is nothing new. Most of us know the drill— use the KonMari method on our clothes, find a collection container, and drop off clothes that no longer interest us. But what happens after that? Where do the clothes go? Are they donated, recycled, or none of the above?

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The Library Study Hall: A Resource for Responsible Consumers & Makers

The Library “is dedicated to improving ‘sustainability literacy’ in fashion by using a wholistic, human centered approach,” bridging science, human rights and technology with fashion to develop products, resources, and certifications for the industry and consumers.

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Turning Your Dad’s Old Clothes Into Fresh Matching Sets

Kia Davis, solo designer of Kikiskinis, took matters into her own hands after being tired of buying swimwear and clothing that did not properly fit her body type. She turned to her father’s closer where she repurposed an old polo shirt into a matching two-piece set.

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