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Turning Your Dad’s Old Clothes Into Fresh Matching Sets

Kia Davis, solo designer of Kikiskinis, took matters into her own hands after being tired of buying swimwear and clothing that did not properly fit her body type. She turned to her father’s closer where she repurposed an old polo shirt into a matching two-piece set.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and RÆBURN: the England-based Designer Mother Nature Loves

Christopher RÆBURN is the embodiment of innovative fashion with a moral compass, attracting sustainable fashion advocates worldwide. “It is Mr. Ræburn’s clear vision of clothes that protect man and the planet that make him an original and exceptional designer.”

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How the Future of Your Trash Will Be the Next Streetwear Trend and Catalyst for Social Change with Nicole Blue of WastedLA

What does your trash have to do with streetwear? Rising experimental designer Nicole Blue of WastedLA can tell you. “If we can’t convince people to be environmentally-conscious because it’s the right thing to do, maybe we can convince them to support our cause because the things we make are also just really cool.”

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