Why Garment Labor Safety and Health in LA is So Important

As consumers in a world of emerging technological advancements, we are so interested in the next “big thing”, the iPhone X, the GoPro 6, Uber’s aerial transportation. While these are incredible breakthroughs, we are so preoccupied that it seems we are unable grasp the fundamental concept of ethical treatment of workers (garment workers in this case) and their right to safety in the workplace.

We are so focused on copping the latest release from that one brand’s newest collection yet we can care less about who made the clothes and how poorly they are treated right here in Los Angeles, the garment capital of the nation.


Hear what they have to say:


We have failed to give garment laborers the tools and resources needed to optimally work in a safe environment:


…masks to avoid inhaling fabric dust and harmful particles that cause respiratory issues

…proper ventilation and air conditioning to prevent heat-related injuries

…a clean workplace where they are not inhaling harmful chemicals from dyes and cleaning products

…clean bathrooms

…clean water

Not to be the bearer of bad news but this has to be talked about for anything to change. We will not tolerate this.

Join us as we help better the industry and grow the socially-conscious streetwear movement.