Manufacturer Highlight: Tuly Pena's Story #WHOMADEMYCLOTHES


When we dress ourselves up in the morning we never really consider the late nights, the cramped hands, the top-down pressure, and everything in-between that goes into making our clothes.

Tuly Pena manufactured our Benevolence Collection (pending release). She runs a cut-and-sew operation in East Los Angeles with her team of six, sharing a sub-section of a large garment facility with other manufacturing firms.

Her now team of six was once a larger team spanning the entire facility but due to control issues, she had to scale down in size. 

Internal theft is common between the manufacturing firms that share the facility, so scaling down made it easier for Tuly to oversee her team.

Tuly Fashion Revolution jpeg.jpg

When Tuly receives large orders, she will stay in her factory seven days a week to ensure the order is completed by her client's deadline. After her team goes home, she will often stay past 2:00am finishing production on her own.

This is especially true if the client does not give Tuly "reasonable" time to complete production.

Tuly has faced much pressure upstream and internally. Despite this she continues to push forward. From making baby clothes to wedding dresses, her quality in production has given her a steady clientele.

In honor of Fashion Revolution Week, we honor Tuly for her hard work and dedication to her team and clients.