REMAKE Empowers Female Garment Workers by Revealing the Dark Sides of the Fashion Industry


Remake is a nonprofit that believes fashion can be a force for good and we are donating 15% of every sale from the First-Responder Series to support their cause.

With firsthand documentary footage and stories, Remake makes the invisible women who power the fashion industry from Mexico to Sri Lanka visible, and highlight facts that the fashion industry generally does not want consumers to know.

Made In Mexico follows fashion activist Amanda Hearst and students from Parsons School of Fashion, California College of the Arts and Duke University as they get to know Reina, Oliva and other fierce women behind our fast fashion labels.

They provide resources on quitting fast fashion through local events, product guides from their Remake-approved brands list that respects women and the planet, and an Ambassador program.

Since their inception, REMAKE has been urging people to think about those who make our clothes with their #WearYourValues campaign.