Turning Your Dad’s Old Clothes Into Fresh Matching Sets

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Kia Davis, solo designer of Kikiskinis, took matters into her own hands after being tired of buying swimwear and clothing that did not properly fit her body type.

She was dissatisfied with the limited options of ethical clothing and turned to her father’s closer where she repurposed an old polo shirt into a matching two-piece set. For Kia, conscious fashion is intertwined with her Kikiskinis as she makes each of the pieces in-house, no sweatshops.

With 1960s-90s fashion being her greatest source of inspiration, she searches thrift shops and other vintage stores for garments to upcycle and sell to customer. Though she has only been repurposing old garments since late 2017, Kia has been getting the attention of icons and influencers such as Bella Hadid and Teen Vogue.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Kia on the topic of conscious consumerism:


On the birth of her conscious consumer journey.

I started in high school! Instead of purchasing from brands that partake in fast fashion I chose to thrift my clothing or shop with ethical brands.

On day-to-day activities that make her a conscious person.

A part of the reason why I moved to Puerto Rico was to pursue my sustainable lifestyle! I have an apartment that is naturally lit up by the sun during the day so I never have to use lights.

Although my car hasn't shipped yet, when it comes I will not need to use it much because everything is walking distance in my city! I love it here so much because the residents of my city care a lot about our planet and even have monthly meetings to see how we can help save it!

On the difficulties of being a conscious designer.

The most difficult/exhausting thing about being a conscious designer is that I make everything myself. I truly love it but there's times when I'm look well..... I need a break.... but I can't because orders!

I am working on building a local team so I can get some help with my work load! I wish I had a clone! haha! Double the trouble but also I'd get my work done so much quicker.

On how to shop ethically.

To keep it short, shop online, thrift, and look into trusted brands!

I love love love Reformation and Hara the label! They are my favorite conscious and sustainable brands at the moment! You truly get what you pay for!