Fast Fashion 101 and How to Slow it Down


We have been addressing fast fashion for over a year now and if you are still unfamiliar with what it is, this guide will make it simple. This is how fast fashion works in a nutshell:

  1. Consumers seek “in-style” clothes at the cheapest price possible.

  2. Brands and companies compete to meet consumer demand and produce clothes at low costs while keeping up with volatile trends.

  3. Brands and companies push this high demand on their manufacturers to meet short turn around times before collections get out of style.

  4. Garment workers end up getting the short end of the stick for numerous reasons:

  • Incredibly underpaid - Company owners get paid the most. So at a shirt that costs $10, relatively, garment workers in Los Angeles alone only get $0.05.

  • Harmful and dirty working conditions - Any halt in production is time lost. Companies often do not enforce their manufacturers to maintain or inspect the factories because time lost for repairs or improvements = money unearned or more expenses.

Fast fashion clothes are also cheaper in quality. For us, it’s quality > quantity. It also feels a hell of a lot better to wear high-quality material where a lot of care was put into it.

You might doubt your ability to make a genuine difference. After all, you are just one person, one shopper, how can you even make a remote impact? Well, every purchase you make generates a ripple effect that helps lead to that bigger impact. Through our actions, we can overpower and skew the popular demand which companies will eventually notice and have to reevaluate their production practices.

Here are some things you can do right now that will help kill fast fashion and grow the Stand-Up Streetwear Movement:


Local thrift shops carry sick vintage pieces that never go out of style. If thrift shops don’t catch your attention, try hitting up some dope flea markets. If you are in the Los Angeles area check out these:

  • Melrose Trading Post: Sundays (our homegirls have a spot every Sunday).

  • Rosebowl Flea Market: 1st Sunday of the month


Gems can be where you least expect it. Snoop through your grandpa’s closet, you’d be surprised at what you might find. Often times, clothes from previous generations are higher quality and made with better material. Pre-fast fashion days.


If you cannot sew yourself, visit your nearest tailor. Tailors are talented people that can fix your broken zipper or add anything you like to basic garments. Get inspiration from local designers, a favorite of ours is Daniel (@daniel.lbfx) who just launched his website featuring dope items made exclusively by him.


Lastly, send some love our way. Every purchase from our collections helps fund improvement programs for factories in LA. Take a look at our Prominent Brand index to get started.