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Apparel, Art, Cinematography, Digital Photography, Film Photography, Footwear, Graphic Design, Modeling, Music, Skin Care and Beauty, Sports Travelling, Writing.
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Select how much you agree with the following statements. Don't worry, there is no right or wrong answer, we just want to get a better understanding on what you truly care about and areas that you are not too interested in.
I only shop at second-hand/thrift stores.
I shop at fast fashion stores (e.g. Forever 21, H&M, etc.)
Shopping ethically and sustainably is expensive.
Finding ethical and sustainable streetwear brands is difficult.
I am aware of the working condition issues in the fashion industry.
I keep up with what is going on in the fashion industry.
I look into the supply chain of brands I shop with.
I am particular about purchasing and wearing sustainable materials.
I upcycle (revive or alter) my clothes.
I volunteer or am active in my community (doesn't need to be in fashion).
I attend community-related events (doesn't need to be in fashion).
I donate my unused clothes to donation centers (e.g. Goodwill, Salvation Army)
I sell clothes I don't use (e.g. Depop, Ebay, Poshmark)
Tell us why being an advocate for ethical and sustainable fashion is important to you. Mention anything you want us to know regarding how you already are an advocate or how you want to get started.