Fostering a conscious consumer culture through meaningful garments, content, and community projects.


Most Prominent Co. is an apparel and digital media brand driving a socially-conscious streetwear culture to improve garment labor working conditions.

Our research is incorporated into meaningful apparel and published as digital content.

We are the voice for those that cannot speak for or help themselves. We are on a journey to liberate lives through storytellingeducating, and advocating. 

What we care about


Publicly addressing specific causes and initiatives that support garment labor conditions or our planet.


Proactively engaging in the community and giving back to those in need through projects, events, and donations.


Providing informative resources and content to enlighten consumers and brands.


Putting the well-being of people affected by the garment manufacturing industry at the forefront of all we do.


Being intentional about producing responsibly and using materials that have the least harm to the environment.


Understanding all facets of our production process and how they impact garment workers.


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The Benevolence Collection

We care about who makes your clothes. We even had volunteers clean their factory.